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Board of DGPuK supports the German Sociological Association’s statement on Turkey’s treatment of academics

Yesterday the German Sociological Association published a statement on Turkey’s treatment of academics


The complete statement reads as follows (compare:


“Following the coup attempt in Turkey on July, 18th 2016, the education sector, including the higher education sector, has been targeted by the Erdoğan regime, as have many other public sectors.


According to press reports, 15.200 education staff have been suspended, while the Higher Education Council (YÖK) has ordered the demission of all Deans (over 1.500 in numbers) from both Turkey’s Public and foundation universities. We are shocked by the news (July, 20th) reporting that all Turkish academics are banned from going abroad. The DGS strongly and unconditionally condemns these actions against universities and university staff, and expresses its support for and solidarity with the higher education community in Turkey at this time.


While there has been global and unanimous support for the democratically elected government of Turkey in reaction to the military coup, more than ever the country needs constitutional and political guarantees for academic freedom and an open public debate, as advocated by its strong university sector.


The DGS calls on all universities and scholars to speak out against the current developments and to support democracy in Turkey, including institutional autonomy and academic freedom for scholars and students.


Munich, July 20th 2016

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich – President                                                                        

Prof. Dr. Paula-Irene Villa – Commissioner International Affairs”


We fully support our colleagues’ statement.


Mainz, July 21st 2016

Prof. Dr. Oliver Quiring – Chairman of DGPuK

Prof. Dr. Eva Baumann – Vice Chairwoman of DGPuK

Prof. Dr. Lars Rinsdorf – Vice Chairman of DGPuK