Communication and Politics

The DGPuK division Communication and Politics is interested in two key questions: (1) How does communication in its diverse forms influence the structures, processes, actors, and content of politics? And (2) how do politics influence the structures, processes, actors and content of communication?

The members of our division address these questions from a wide range of research perspectives: political communication (its normative foundations, production, contents, reception, and effects), media and communication policy, analysis of media systems, and public sphere sociology.

The division is committed to an interdisciplinary perspective for the diverse topics in the realm of communication and politics: Since its formation in 1991, the division organizes its annual conference in cooperation with the working group “Politics and Communication” of the German Political Science Association (DVPW). The division is open for many theoretical and empirical approaches to this stimulating field of research as well as for an exchange with political communication practitioners.

Since 2004, the division is closely cooperating with the Young Researchers Network Political Communication (NapoKo), which brings together graduate students and young academics interested in questions of political communication who are looking for opportunities for an interdisciplinary exchange with others working on similar questions.


Division Chairs: Anne Schulz ( & Philipp Müller (