Media Education

The Media Education Division is dedicated to researchers in the field of media socialisation, media literacy, children/youth and media as well as media education. The division serves as a forum for the discussion of actual research as well as a means for promoting young scholars in the field of media education. Further the division is meant as a place for the exchange of information on ongoing activities (events, job vacancies etc.) in our field – in our division, in the German Communication Association in general, as well as in related national and international associations.

Although being strongly related to the field of communication research we represent an interdisciplinary as well as international approach and promote interdisciplinary as well as international cooperation (e.g. with the ECREA TWG Children, Youth and Media). Our main focus is on academic discourse as well as on policy issues around media literacy and media education.

We invite young and emerged researchers who are active in any questions around media education and media literacy to take part at our annual conferences. Furthermore the division is editor of a book series at Nomos. Therefore we invite all colleagues and in particular young researchers who search for a possibility of publishing in our field (in English as well as in German). Anybody who is interested in publishing in our book series is invited to send a book proposal to the division chairs.


Chair:  Dr. Ruth Festl (Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien Tübingen,
Vice Chair: Christine Dallmann, M.A. (Technische Universität Dresden,