The methods division is dedicated to research, development, and application of empirical methods of communication research as well as to teaching methods in academic contexts. The division is equally interested in theoretical, methodological, and practical issues of methods of social science. It relies on international exchange and on integration of methodological ideas of other scientific disciplines. The members of the division conduct research on a broad variety of topics within communication science. They apply qualitative as well as quantitative strategies of measurement and analysis. The annual conferences of the division concentrate on original methods research, innovative solutions to methodological and measurement problems as well as to the development, presentation, and discussion of new procedures of measurement and analysis. Since its foundation the division is open to the concerns of researchers at the beginning of their academic careers. It is committed to support the participation of young scholars in conferences, discussions, and administration.

The methods division is the 12th division of the German Communication Association. It has been established in 1998 in Mainz. Since then it experienced a steady increase in membership numbers. It ranks among the largest divisions of the German Communication Association and holds annual conferences and biannual business meetings.

Chair: Dr. Marko Bachl (

Vice Chair: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Emese Domahidi (