Conferences and Meetings


Dates and Venues

The following future dates and venues for the annual conference of the German Communication Association have been set by the organizers and the board.

2019 Münster, May 9th to May 11th (with ICA in Washington, D.C., May 23rd to 27th)


Past annual conferences of the DGPuK since 2000

2018 Mannheim, May 9th to May 11th

2017 Düsseldorf, March 30th to April 1st 

2016 Leipzig, March 30th to April 1st 

2015 Darmstadt, May 13th to 15th   

2014 Passau, May 28th to 30th  

2013 Mainz, May 8th to 10th

2012 Berlin, May 16th to 18th

2011 Dortmund, June 1st to 3rd 

2010 Ilmenau, May 12th to 14th

2009 Bremen, April 29th to May 1st

2008 Lugano, April 30th to May 2nd       

2007 Bamberg, May 16th to 18th       

2006 Dresden, June 18th to 19th      

2005 Hamburg, May 4th to 6th      

2004 Erfurt, May 19th to 21st    

2003 Hannover, May 28th to 30th     

2002 Dresden, May 29th to 31st       

2001 Münster, May 23rd to 25th      

2000 Wien, May 31st to June 2nd